Swimming is the perfect sport to cool off in the hot summer heat. It can be said to be the most efficient sport for those who want a full-body workout. As you glide through the water, the rhythmic strokes relaxes your mind and helps you focus, thus gaining a refreshing state of well-being. Hit the water with the latest and most trendy swimwear and accessories from our brands Arena, Sunseeker and View, all engineered to give you the best performance in or out of the pool.

Scuba – Diving

Scuba diving is a fascinating sea activity. As you go dive into the silent world of the cold ocean waters, the experience coming face to face with unique sea creatures and breathing under water is an extraordinary feeling. If you are looking for the latest equipment to prepare for your next dive, come check out Tusa – the premier choice for divers.

Active Lifestyle

Enter into the world of Le Coq Sportif and discover a wide range of footwear, apparel and accessories for both males and females. A brand backed by a rich French heritage that embodies the spirit of sports excellence, Le Coq Sportif is for the fashion conscious crowd who want to stay fit and look trendy at the same time while they work out at the gym or outdoors.

Health & Fitness

No time for the gym? You have no excuses if you have the latest fitness equipment right in your living room. Keeping fit and staying in shape is so easy with KETTLER. With made in Germany quality and design, KETTLER fitness equipments are at forefront of innovation and technology. Kick start your fitness regime now, and you are well on the way to become a new you.

Sports & Support

Playing sports can often put a strain on many joints and key areas of the body. Take good care of your body with quality support products from LP Support. We offer a complete range of products for major injury-prone areas of the body, including the foot, ankle, knee, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist. With LP Support, you can now train safely and stay in the game.