Arena has equipped the world’s leading swimmers and lovers of watersports with racing, training and leisure swimwear and accessories built on a foundation of in-depth research, technical know-how, and an unyielding commitment to quality. We provide an extensive range of practical yet sophisticated swimwear and accessories that caters to each and everyone’s swimming needs. From competitive and training suits for the water racers to trendy costumes for the leisure swimmers, the product range extends to goggles, kick-boards, swim caps, snorkeling and more.

Sun Paradise carries a range of swimming equipment and gear, which include U.V. wetsuits that provide warmth and comfort to children, contemporary bikinis and sophisticated swimwear. The brand also possesses a variety of goggles, kick boards, swim cap snorkeling accessories for both adults and children that are designed for appeal, while maintaining top level functionality.We believe in delivering comfort for you to enjoy under the sun. Gearing up for a causal day at the pool or beach, training for a upcoming swimming competition, playing any water sports. Sun Paradise will bring you what you need.

For more than 60years, Kettler stands by the principles of functionality, sophistication and most importantly, quality. Through close cooperation with leading institutes and companies in the fields of design, health and technology, routine improvements and innovations are achieved with which leisure activities can be pursued more efficiently and in ways that meet individual needs. Our constant pursuit of quality has given the company awards such as Most Innovation brands at the Plus X awards. We sell products from training equipments like treadmills, bike and weight station to accessories like dumbbells, gym mats and balls, etc.

LP Support has been recognized as the industry leader in the sports medicine category and in technical protective wear, and has been well-received by sports medical professionals.Our goal is to design, manufacture and market technically advanced products for injury prevention, injury treatment and performance enchancement to athletes and sports enthusiasts. Extensive research, innovative design, and our passion lead to the creation of LP’s CoolPrene materials, as well the introduction of MaxWrap that revolutionized the concept of taping.